Free electrons logo, Zaphiro Technologies

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850+ energy startups from 86 countries applied for being part of the Free Electrons program – 36 were accepted. And Zaphiro is one of them!

During the Free Electrons program, startups will work alongside ten major utilities from around the globe (namely American Electrical Power, AusNet, CLP, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, EDP, ESB, Innogy, Origin, SP Group and TEPCO) to deliver cutting edge solutions and co-create the future of energy. The program will focus on working together to pilot projects, commercially deploy products and facilitate investment opportunities. Four four-day modules are planned to achieve the desired results.

“We are absolutely thrilled being selected among more than 800 energy startups worldwide. This recognition will boost us to work even harder to help Distribution System Operators making their grids smarter.” says Ulrich Münch, VP Sales & Marketing of Zaphiro Technologies SA. “Being part of the Free Electrons program will help us to showcase our smart grid solution on an even more international basis, get valuable feedback to our solutions and hopefully also get deals done.”

Free Electrons Logo

SET100 logo, Zaphiro Technologies

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Out of nearly 600 applications from 88 countries, Zaphiro was selected by a high-level jury for this year’s SET100 list. Zaphiro received this distinction in the Digital Energy Systems category.

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is a leading international platform supporting innovation in energy transition. SET is implemented with the conviction that sustainable energy solutions and mitigating climate change are directly linked to a bridge between inventive business models and political will. Powered by the German Energy Agency (dena) in cooperation with the World Energy Council (WEC), SET links like-minded people from various fields to promote innovation and make global energy transition a success.

“We are proud being selected for this prestigious list together with other high-caliber startups. The award gives us confidence to pursue our way digitizing electricity networks to cope with the new challenges deriving from the energy transition.” says Ulrich Münch, VP Sales & Marketing of Zaphiro Technologies SA.

Zaphiro is a Swiss-based startup active in the smart grid arena. With its unique solution SynchroGuard, Zaphiro is able to monitor, locate faults and control grid assets with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Set 100 Certified Certificate

Technology Fund, Zaphiro Technologies

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The Swiss Technology Fund granted a loan guarantee to Zaphiro Technology SA

The Technology Fund thus supports Zaphiro’s smart grid technology to improve grid reliability and the massive deployment of renewables and electric vehicles. The Technology Fund offers loan guarantees to Swiss companies whose novel products contribute to a sustainable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Zaphiro drives the Energy Transition by supporting grid operators in integrating more renewable generation and electric vehicles in their electrical grid. Furthermore, grid operators are supported maintaining a high quality of the power supply for end consumers. Zaphiro’s solution SynchroGuard is a breakthrough smart grid technology, which optimally controls the power infeed from generators and batteries. It also accurately locates short-circuits to reduce the number and duration of black-outs.

“Thanks to the Technology Fund’s support, we can accelerate the development of new product features and expand our marketing activities. We are already carrying out pilot projects with well-known international customers. These additional funds will help Zaphiro to achieve larger-scale commercialization.” Lorenzo Zanni, COO & Co-founder.

Technology Fund Logo

Solarimpulse logo, Zaphiro Technologies

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Zaphiro wins Solar Impulse Label.

The Solar Impulse Foundation awarded SynchroGuard the Efficient Solution Label. SnychroGuard is Zaphiro’s solution to efficiently monitor, locate faults and control grid assets with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label seeks to bridge the gap between ecology and economy, bringing together protection of the environment and financial viability to show that these solutions are not expensive fixes to problems, but rather opportunities for clean economic growth. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is a new and credible symbol: a trademark, that carries the pioneering and innovative spirit of the Solar Impulse adventure. It is granted to solutions who meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability, through a strict assessment of the following criteria:
1. Technological feasibility
2. Environmental and socio-economic benefit
3. Profitability

“We are proud being awarded this prestigious label.” says Paolo Romano, CEO of Zaphiro. “The label proves that SynchroGuard is not only technically feasible but also economically viable for Distribution System Operators.”

The label will help Zaphiro to continue its commitment to improve electricity networks that are the foundation of the energy transition in the electricity field.

Zaphiro is a Switzerland-based startup active in the smart grid arena. With its unique solution SynchroGuard, Zaphiro is able to monitor, locate faults and control grid assets with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Zaphiro Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Zaphiro Terna Innovation Hub Lab Energy Tech People Listening To Presentation

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Zaphiro Technologies was invited to present during the inauguration event of the Terna Innovation Hub in Milan. Terna is actively innovating the transmission grid by founding Innovation Hubs in major Italian sites. The hubs are supposed to support the collaboration between Terna, universities and startups.

The newest Innovation Hub of Terna is located in Pero close to Milan. The inauguration took place in presence of Roberta Cocco, responsible of digital transformation of the city of Milan, Catia Bastioli, president of the board of directors of Terna as well as Piero Rosina, Chief Innovation Officer of Terna. The event received extensive coverage by Italian media.

Zaphiro presented the results of the Terna Next Energy Initiative project as well as potential future steps of collaboration. “We are amazed about the high quality of the event and the valuable contacts we could make with Terna officials.” claimed Paolo Romano, CEO of Zaphiro. Ulrich Münch, VP of Sales and Marketing of Zaphiro, added: “It is great entering the Terna innovation ecosystem with all the exciting projects going on. And of course, such events give Zaphiro the momentum to pursue its way for reliable electricity grids.”

Zaphiro is a Switzerland-based startup active in the smart grid arena. With its unique solution SynchroGuard, Zaphiro is able to monitor, locate faults and control grid assets with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Zaphiro Terna Innovation Hub Lab Energy Tech Zaphiro Presenting
Zaphiro Terna Innovation Hub Lab Energy Tech Zaphiro Presenting
Zaphiro Terna Innovation Hub Lab Energy Tech People Listening To Presentation
Zaphiro Terna Innovation Hub Lab Energy Tech Logo

Zaphiro Recruiting Handshake

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We are looking for a LabVIEW developer to join our team.

Zaphiro Recruiting LabView Developer

Zaphiro Recruiting Handshake

Valium Online Mastercard

We are looking for a VP Sales and Marketing to join our team.

Zaphiro Recruiting VP Sales & Marketing

Zaphiro Recruiting Handshake

Buy Valium By Roche 10Mg

We are looking for a Power Systems and Control Engineer to join our Research and Development team.

We accept applications until August 1st 2019.

Zaphiro Recruiting R&D Engineer Power System and Control

Zaphiro Matchmaking event in Lisbon Group Picture

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On 26 March, Zaphiro Technologies was one of the 29 companies to pitch and meet EDP and other large corporates in Lisbon. This matchmaking day was promoted by the Order Valium Online (EIC) pilot and EDP for startups and scaleups working in the energy sector.

The companies in attendance were selected based on their innovative approaches to smart grids, energy storage, and cybersecurity, among others. From the corporate side, there were representatives from EDP, Microsoft, Cisco, Siemens, ESB, ENECO, ENCEVO, Innogy and CEZ.

Zaphiro presented the solution SynchroGuard and made useful contacts with potential customers and partners. Our CEO Paolo Romano comments the outcomes of the event: We’re very happy to have participated in this matchmaking day promoted by the EIC pilot business acceleration services. We believe our solution is aligned with the business of EDP and its partners. Looking forward to scaling-up our business thanks to the connections we have made today.”

Tomás Moreno, Advisor to the Board of Directors at EDP and responsible for startup collaboration, stressed the importance of working with smaller companies and also highlighted the quality of the companies he met: “We saw an amazing portfolio of companies today. There was a great level of quality and they match a lot of the things we’re interested in like mobility, energy storage, analytics and grid management.

Zaphiro Matchmaking event in Lisbon Group Picture
Zaphiro Matchmaking event in Lisbon Pitching

Zaphiro Bilan Cover 50 Best Swiss Startups

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Leading Swiss business magazine Buy 1000 Valium Online and UBS bank nominated Zaphiro Technologies as one of the Top 50 Swiss Startups. Zaphiro was present at the event organized for the “50 Startups to Invest in 2019”. The event took place at the Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg Uk, in Lausanne and it preceded the publication of the Bilan magazine talking about us.

Read more details directly on the Buy Diazepam Cod

Zaphiro Bilan Cover 50 Best Swiss Startups