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SynchroGuard is a new smart solution for electrical grid monitoring and automation. Zaphiro’s team has developed unique sensing devices able to take voltage and current measurements with peculiar characteristics, namely high-speed and time-synchronization. Thanks to its advanced sensing infrastructure, SynchroGuard has the outstanding feature to combine in a single solution real-time grid monitoring, optimal control of grid resources, and smart fault management. In addition, SynchroGuard is characterized by the simplest installation on the market.

Real-time grid monitoring

By installing just a few meters, the utility gains full visibility of all the grid quantities (voltages, currents, power flows). Measurements and alarms are communicated in real-time to the utility SCADA/DMS.

Grid analytics

Data are stored in a time-series database for further analysis: load consumption, power quality analysis, post-fault analysis, optimal grid reinforcement, predictive maintenance, etc.

Efficient integration of grid resources

Automatic optimal control of grid resources (renewables, batteries, electric vehicles) to always maintain the grid in safe and efficient conditions.

Smart fault management

Automatic fault location and service restoration in < 1 second, thanks to our new patented fault location algorithm that has outstanding accuracy and reliability for a large variety of fault conditions.

"Every household and business activity will receive 100% renewable energy with no energy waste and blackouts, guaranteeing the sustainable growth of our society"

About Us

Our mission is to support utilities in the transition from passive to proactive management of electrical grids, through superior quality products and constant innovation.

The Team

Zaphiro Technologies is the result of the synergistic work of its three co-founders, who have been working for 5 years on the technologies that have now become Zaphiro's core products.

Dr. Paolo Romano

CEO and Co-founder
Developer of the SynchroSense device and experienced in the field practices of electrical utilities.

Dr. Lorenzo Zanni

COO and Co-founder
Expert of power-grid operation and control, and developer of the optimal control and fault management algorithms.

Dr. Marco Pignati

CTO and Co-founder
Specialized on telecommunication networks, time-synchronization, and real-time computation.

Dr. Ulrich Münch

VP Sales & Marketing
20+ years of experience in the electricity industry, including 14 years as member of the management board of two Swiss utilities.

Prof. Mario Paolone

EPFL professor
Smart grid visionary, head of the EPFL energy center, and head of the EPFL Distributed Electrical System Laboratory.

Pascal Dutheil

Business advisor
Financial advisor and business coach focused on high-tech startups, with broad experience in business development and financing.

Thierry Pollet

Strategic industrial advisor
Digital Lead at ABB power grids (previously working at Landis+Gyr), with extensive experience in distribution grid automation.

Arnoud Bifrare

Utility representative
Head of Smart Grid at Romande Energie, which is one of the largest Swiss utilities.

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