Unlock the grid potential

The features

Zaphiro has developed a real-time monitoring and automation system that enhances the reliability, efficiency and profitability of grid operations

Synchronized high-frequency measurements

SynchroGuards embeds the PMU functionality producing 50 synchrophasor measurements per second.

Real-time monitoring and control

SynchroHub includes visualization, alarming and optimization functions, improving grid efficiency, reliability and profitability, and enabling the safe integration of renewables.

Accurate and fast fault location

Fault location and power restoration are performed in < 1 second, improving quality of power supply and reducing OPEX.

Complete and customizable

SynchroHub combines monitoring, control and fault management in a single platform. We provide high level of customization which is ideal for grid modernization or retrofitting.

Simple installation

Our solution requires only clamp-on current sensors (no voltage sensors). This reduces installation costs without impacting the continuity of the customer power supply.

About Us

Zaphiro Technologies transforms the electrical distribution grids from passive to pro-active. Watch our introduction video to find out more!

The Team

Zaphiro Technologies is the result of the synergistic work of its three co-founders. They have been working for 5 years on the development of the technologies that have now become Zaphiro's core products.

Dr. Paolo Romano

CEO and Co-founder
Developer of the SynchroGuard and experienced in the operational practices of electrical utilities.

Dr. Lorenzo Zanni

COO and Co-founder
Power system expert, developer of the control algorithms

Dr. Marco Pignati

CTO and Co-founder
A power-system background combined with extensive experience on time-dissemination techniques and real-time computation

Prof. Mario Paolone

Scientific advisor
Head of the Distributed Electrical System Laboratory at EPFL and smart-grid visionary

Pascal Dutheil

Business coach
Business, marketing and financial advisor with extensive experience in start-ups

Thierry Pollet

Industrial advisor
Head product management for smart grid at Landis+Gyr. Experienced in distribution grid automation


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