Building smart grids is a steppingstone for the sustainable development of our society.
Our premier monitoring and automation solution – SynchroGuard – helps power utilities integrate more clean energy technologies in the electricity grids, while maintaining high quality of service for their customers and optimizing system costs.

How SynchroGuard creates value

Automated fault location

Minimize the impact – or even prevent – power outages thanks to accurate fault location in less than 1 second (for every grid and fault type, including incipient faults).

Efficient renewable integration

Avoid grid reinforcements thanks to automated control of grid resources (renewables, EVs, batteries) accomplished by real-time voltage control and congestion management.

Reduced costs

Reduce CapEx and OpEx thanks to automated grid operation, optimized grid planning and asset lifetime, and minimal installation cost.

Real-time grid monitoring

Visualize data in real time in your SCADA or run advanced grid analytics to optimize grid planning, asset utilization, and predictive maintenance.

Fastest installation

Minimize installation time and cost by using only clamp-on current sensors based on the Rogowski coil technology.

Proven solution

International power utilities are already exploiting the useful insights that SynchroGuard’s software extracts from field data.

Powerful software modules to improve grid performance

SynchroGuard software modules transform raw data into meaningful information to help power utilities improve grid efficiency, reliability, and resiliency, thus lowering total system costs.
The modular software suite comprises real-time grid monitoring, DERs control, fault management, and predictive analytics.
High data quality is ensured by combining data generated by proprietary or third-party devices with advanced data processing.


Generating and processing 200x more data than conventional solutions

SynchroGuard is the first smart grid solution specifically designed to take advantage of accurate, 200x more frequent, and time-synchronized measurements from Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs). This technology provides outstanding visibility of the grid behavior, enabling dramatic improvement of grid monitoring and control performance.


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