Real-time grid monitoring

Our grid monitoring module increases operator’s visibility of the grid state and reduces reaction time in case of hazardous situations. Measurements and alarms can be displayed in real-time into the SCADA/DMS and in a dedicated user-interface.
We combine data from proprietary or third-party devices to supervise voltage and power flows into the grid at a high pace (more than 200x faster than conventional devices).
Thanks to the most advanced state estimation algorithm, we guarantee high quality and reliable data by automatically filtering out measurement errors and by estimating the state of grid nodes not supervised with a measurement device.

Automated FLISR

Fault location, isolation and service restoration

Automated fault location significantly reduces the duration (from hours down to less than 1 second) – or even prevents – power outages, leading to dramatic improvements of grid reliability and resiliency KPIs (up to 80% reduction of SAIDI).
Our innovative and patented fault location method is accurate, fast, and already proven in real grids. It works for every fault type in every grid (solidly-earthed, isolated, or compensated grid) and is even capable of detecting incipient/intermittent faults.
Automated grid reconfiguration allows to implement the concept of self-healing grids, leading to increased safety of operators and higher operational efficiency.

Zaphiro Technologies, Smart Grid, Synchro Guard Control Grid, Intermittent and High-impedance fault location, EPFL, Copyright Alain Herzog

Real-time control of DERs

Safe and efficient integration of DERs (Distributed Energy Resources – renewables, EV charging stations and battery storage) is now possible thanks to our real-time control algorithms. Up to 300% more distributed generation can be connected without costly grid reinforcement.
Our DER control strategy quickly reacts to the sudden power changes of DERs taking advantage of the frequent grid monitoring (particularly suitable for Microgrids). Besides, the centralized approach ensures the optimality of the control effects in the entire grid.
The two main functions are voltage control and line congestion management aiming at maintaining the grid in safe and optimal operating conditions while maximizing renewable generation.

Grid analytics

Our grid analytics software supports asset managers in their daily task to optimize grid planning and asset lifetime.
Operators can easily access, visualize, and analyze large amount of high-resolution data to perform predictive analytics, post-event analysis, and understand the stress on grid components.
Voltages, currents, powers and other quantities can be visualized and analyzed at diverse time-scales, ranging from weeks down to milliseconds. To deeply analyze fast grid events, even waveform recordings at 10 kHz are recorded.