SynchroGuard is the first grid monitoring and automation system that leverages high-speed and time-synchronized measurements, such as synchrophasors provided by Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs).
Our patented software algorithms extract unique information from data generated by proprietary SynchroSense units and third-party devices.
SynchroGuard seamlessly integrates with DMS/SCADA systems of the utility, where the operators can visualize grid state and alarms in real-time.



The scalable and modular software is the core component of SynchroGuard and can be provided as an on-premise or cloud solution.
Such a software extracts the hidden information out of the measurement data and provides to the grid operator a real-time view of the grid state, enables automated control of DERs and locates faults in the grid.
SynchroGuard software modularity allows to easily adapt to the specific needs of each client. Also, thanks to SynchroGuard decentralized approach, the operator’s visibility on grid assets is considerably increased without overloading the existing DMS/SCADA system with unnecessary calculations.

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SynchroSense is Zaphiro’s cost-effective grid monitoring device providing high-speed and time-synchronized measurements of voltages and currents. Thanks to our patented technology, SynchroSense is 10x faster to install than traditional solutions and non-invasive.
SynchroSense embeds into a single measurement equipment multiple measurement functionality:

  • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), based on a patented technology allowing extremely accurate synchrophasor measurement under a multitude of operating conditions.
  • Digital fault recorder (DFR), to capture fast transient events.
  • Power quality (PQ), to monitor the main power quality KPIs.