The Swiss Technology Fund granted a loan guarantee to Zaphiro Technology SA

The Technology Fund thus supports Zaphiro’s smart grid technology to improve grid reliability and the massive deployment of renewables and electric vehicles. The Technology Fund offers loan guarantees to Swiss companies whose novel products contribute to a sustainable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Zaphiro drives the Energy Transition by supporting grid operators in integrating more renewable generation and electric vehicles in their electrical grid. Furthermore, grid operators are supported maintaining a high quality of the power supply for end consumers. Zaphiro’s solution SynchroGuard is a breakthrough smart grid technology, which optimally controls the power infeed from generators and batteries. It also accurately locates short-circuits to reduce the number and duration of black-outs.

“Thanks to the Technology Fund’s support, we can accelerate the development of new product features and expand our marketing activities. We are already carrying out pilot projects with well-known international customers. These additional funds will help Zaphiro to achieve larger-scale commercialization.” Lorenzo Zanni, COO & Co-founder.

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