We are proud to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Unareti Spa! Unareti, as the largest electricity distributor of the a2a group serving over 1.1M electric customers in Milan and Brescia, will be testing Zaphiro’s SynchroGuard solution, to gain unique dynamic insights of power distribution grid challenges in fast-growing, dense and large cities such as Milan. It goes without saying such power grids are more and more stressed with Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning load-peaks caused by heat waves, intermittency and unpredictability of renewable generation and introduction of EVs with the goal to reduce the emission levels. We are convinced SynchroGuard will help Unareti to increase the resiliency of their power grid and believe it will become an important part of Unareti’s grid digitalisation strategy.

We thank Unareti for their visit of Zaphiro offices and SynchroGuard reference site in Lausanne. It was an amazing day, full of insightful discussions. We are looking forward to installing and running SynchroGuard in Unareti’s power grid!