Zaphiro Technologies further strengthens its positioning in the Italian market: today the company attended the General Meeting of Open Power Grids.

Open Power Grid is an association founded by Enel Grids, which gathers major DSOs and technology providers with the goal of sharing and developing standards and technologies for grid components, aiming to accelerate the transition to more efficient and sustainable power distribution grids.

Collaboration, integration, and sustainability are keywords definitely in line with Zaphiro’s values. Indeed, Zaphiro’s SynchroGuard solution processes high value data from Zaphiro’s PMUs and also third-party devices to provide a complete view of the grid power flows to optimize real-time processes, fault location, and asset management, as well as empowers other systems, such as SCADA and ADMS. All this is provided with a very lean physical architecture, minimizing hardware deployment and the consequent carbon footprint. The company aims to build sustainable smart grids that will be able to host and efficiently manage clean energy sources like renewables, EVs, and batteries.

Together with Zaphiro, the General Meeting was attended by the main Italian DSOs, such as Enel, Unareti, Areti, Ireti, Edyna, SET, Inrete, Deval (also international DSOs will be announced soon), and also research centers, such as CESI, and vendors such as ABB and Schneider Electric, to name a few.

A fundamental requisite towards the effective achievement of the objectives set by the association is the active participation of various subjects, and today a concrete step forward has been made along this path.


About Zaphiro Technologies:

Zaphiro’s SynchroGuard offers an elegant grid monitoring solution that enables utilities to take fast, accurate, and cost-effective operational decisions. With SynchroGuard, utilities can safely integrate large quantities of renewable generators and EVs, while simultaneously improving their quality of service. Learn more

About Open Power Grids:

The “Open Power Grids” association is part of Enel’s Grid Futurability initiative, which endeavors to deliver grids that will enable clean electrification as we move towards a Net Zero world. The association will gather industry players in order to focus on efficient and sustainable grid components that can help make that possible. The association will bring together network operators, manufacturers, research institutes and other industry players encouraging a convergence of technical solutions towards global standards. The association will help to speed up progress in this direction as a range of stakeholders will share the effort of identifying the best solutions in an open and collaborative environment.

For more information about the Open Power Grids initiative, click here.