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We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Aeroporti di Roma (AdR), to help them digitalize their electrical infrastructure.
With Zaphiro’s SynchroGuard, a groundbreaking grid monitoring solution based on Phasor Measurement Units (PMU), AdR is set to achieve complete observability of its distribution grid.

Key benefits that SynchroGuard brings to AdR include:

  • Managing Energy Flows: as we witness the widespread installation of photovoltaic generation and multiple storage systems, SynchroGuard provides high-quality data to help us navigate and manage the increasingly complex energy flows;
  • Optimizing Grid Planning: the advanced technology allows us to optimize grid planning and implement predictive maintenance strategies;
  • Grid Dispatching in the future: SynchroGuard lays the groundwork for leveraging flexible resources in the future;
  • Enhanced Fault Location and Outage Management: with improved fault location capabilities, AdR is poised to enhance outage management procedures, minimizing downtime and improving overall reliability.